Optimal Medicine has been acquired by IXICO plc

On the 18 November 2015 IXICO plc (AIM: IXI), the brain health
company, announced that it has entered into an Acquisition Agreement to
conditionally acquire the entire issued share capital of Optimal Medicine.

View press release here.

Find out more about IXICO plc and the mehealth products below

IXICO is a digital healthcare company, focused on brain health. It's innovative and proprietary digital healthcare technologies help those involved in researching and treating serious diseases to capture and analyse clinical data and make rapid, informed decisions.

In clinical research, IXICO works with many of the leading pharma and biotechnology companies as well as academic research institutions. IXICO's digtal platform support the phenotyping of patients, quantification of disease pathology and measurement of patient outcomes. In clinical paractice, IXICO's mobile health and digital decision support technologies aid disease diagnosis, patient engagement and monitoring. IXICO is also collaborating with partners to develop companion digital health products targeted at improving patient outcomes.

Optimal Medicine is a personalised medicine company which has developed mehealth - a digital healthcare product for clinical decision support technologies in assessing and treating ADHD and behavioural health for US patients.

mehealth is a secure online clinical decision support platform for clinicians treating patients with mental health disorders. Delivered at the point-of-care mehealth provides patient-centered, evidence-based decision making and improves the monitoring and treatment of patients. Integrated patient portals and configurable smartphone applications enable patients to record how they are doing between consultations. By collecting, analyzing and delivering relevant data to optimaize decision making, mehealth bings value to patients, healthcare providers and payers.